Kittiyakorn Watcharawalrakarn – Forex scammer (Forex Life By Deer)

Report on Kittiyakorn Watcharawalrakarn – Professional Forex scammer and Ponzi Scheme operator

Kittiyakorn Watcharawalrakarn (“Kitti”)  is a financial criminal and scam artist from Bangkok, Thailand that has stolen hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars from many victims from around the world via running a Ponzi Scheme to defraud “investors.”


Kittiyakorn is a Thai national that has used her sex appeal to warm up many potential “investors” through her claim that she is a successful Forex trading expert, and even gave seminars on the topic.  She advertised these seminars through her social media (Facebook/Instagram) and developed relationships with prospective investors.  Some investors were lured in using her sex appeal.    She would even have sex with many investors to scam them of money.

She keeps telling impressive stories of how she has hundreds of students in Thailand, all learning Forex from her and worshiping her as a ‘Forex’ Queen.

However, she preys on her students desperation for wealth and success, and scams them too by telling them to transfer money to her Thai bank accounts and she would trade for them  (she keeps all the money, and creates fake Forex reports that she ‘lost’ the money from bad trades)

There is a Facebook page about her, which has over 671 people, mostly her ex-students and investors that she has scammed in Thailand

Between November 2017 and January 2018, Kitti made trips to Singapore to meet potential investors.  She would stay in expensive hotels in order to impress them and she would show from her laptop all her profitable “trades”, gained for her VIP customers.

Kittiyakorn Watcharawalrakarn Thai forex scammer Kittiyakorn Watcharawalrakarn Thai forex scammer

These trades turned out to be from ‘fake’ accounts.
(August 2018 update: full details kept confidential for now as she is currently being investigated by the Thai police and law suits are being filed against her)

Victims would wire Kittiyakorn money with the expectation that Kitti would use the funds to “trade” foreign exchange (“Forex” currency) and earn interest of 10% – 50% per month.  She also claimed that the investment scheme was near risk free as she promised investors she would protect the capital (principal).

She promised to trade (in written contracts) only with profits made so that the principal amounts would be protected.  For example, if $10,000 was wired to Kitti, she would promise the investor she would only use $500 of the $10,000 to trade with.  Once the account was grown to $13,000 or more, only $3000 of the account balance would be used to “trade,” thus making the investor believe their money was in safe hands.  Her schemes worked as she would send fake reports to investors, all the while, she stole and ran away with all of the money.

In February 2018, her Ponzi scheme fell apart and she stopped paying “investors” returns.  Her fancy lifestyle (very high spend on luxury goods and handbags) and luxury travel (first class flights around the world, high end suites at hotels) perhaps depleted her funds and she then stopped communicating with all investors.

Method of Forex scam by Kittiyakorn 

  1. Open Forex trading account for investors (FBS, Oanda etc)
  2. Tell the investors she needs to ‘change the password’ for their account, cos she cannot remember so many different passwords.  Once she changes the password, she has full access to the Investor’s accounts.
  3. Pretends she makes a deposit for the investors – she will show a ‘successful’ deposit to the investors
  4. However, all her deposits get rejected but she does NOT tell the investors
  5. Kitti will then opens fake trading accounts and keeps the investor’s money for herself.
  6. She will send screenshots to the investors, set up MT4 and MyFXBook links to show trades, lying to investors that she is trading on a standard/VIP USD account.
  7. After a few days, investors lose access to the reports as she resets the password and opens more fake Forex accounts. She uses the excuse that ‘she is travelling’ and the VPN logs her out due to the different IP address she is using to login to trade.
  8. When investors ask for withdrawal of capital, money… she will go offline for 4-5 days and makes lots of excuses:

i.  pretend she is sick, travelling, no internet to manage the trades.
ii.  she does NOT put a stop loss on the trades and leaves the positions open for days/weeks.
ii.  all trading accounts go to zero $0
iii. she tells investors she has no money , she will make it back slowly
iv. she hope investors forget about it and move on

Kittiyakorn repeats this 100x to scam more investors, while she pockets all their money to her personal bank accounts.

Kittiyakorn the Forex scammer Lifestyle

She will use the investor’s money to buy property, new car, gold jewellery etc.. and use this for marketing on Facebook and Instagram to show everyone she is rich, successful and wealthy from Forex.  This is just used for sales and marketing, to scam more investors.

Kittiyakorn Thai forex scammer Kittiyakorn Thai forex scammer

Personal data on Kittiyakorn

Addresses Used:

  • 9/56 Hive65 Condo, Sukhumvit65, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
  • 1 Soi Rat Burana 27/1, Rat Burana Road, Khwaeng Rat Burana, Khet Rat Burana, Bangkok 10140 Thailand
  • No 823/60, Village No 6, Chor Hor Sub-District, Mueang Nakhon, Ratchasima District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
  • 143 Cecil Street #16-03 GB Building, Singapore 069542
  •, a German National living with Kittyakorn as her “Fiance” in Switzerland.  Kitty portrayed herself as a millionaire who made high forex trading profits, and she and Arndt has bought a villa in Switzerland
    Address: Jurastrasse 17, Windisch Aargau, Brugg District, Switzerland 5210

Phones used:

+66 85-778-6680
+65 8246 3187
+41 79 372 52 29

Emails used:

Kitty’s Facebook:

She has 2 other Facebook accounts which she has now deactivated to hide from investors and lawsuits

YouTube channel promoting her Forex company in Thailand

This is her marketing video


Thai passport number:  Passport No: AA5787250

Her mother’s ID in Thailand: Mrs Rossathon Ketthonglang, who unemployed, has no income and is a partner with Kitti on one of her Thai companies to lure investors.


Kitti’s bank accounts in Thailand and Singapore

(a) Miss Kittiyakorn Watcharawalrakarn

Bank Account no. 813-266-0499

Bank name : Siam Commercial Bank
Swift Code : SICOTHBK
Bank Address : BUILDING 2, FLOOR 2, 1060 PETCHBURI ROAD, Bangkok 10400


(b)Miss Kittiyakorn Watcharawalrakarn

Bank Account no. 522-222 2488

Bank name : Kasikorn Bank


(C) Miss Kittiyakorn Watcharawalrakarn

Bank Account no. 1000913807

Bank name : CIMB Bank Berhad
Swift Code : CIBBSGSG
Bank Address : 50 Raffles Place #01-02, Singapore Land Tower, 048623, tel +65 63337777

Kittiyakorn arrested by Thailand police

Kittiyakorn Watcharawalrakarn is a Thai criminal, having been arrested many times by the Thai police for various crimes such as fraud, bounced checks, cheating, Forex trading without an authorized license.

She is a psychopath, lying and cheating without remorse, regret and she has NO integrity.  She will do whatever it takes to get your money.  

Because of her criminal history, Kittiyaorn Watcharawalrakarn keeps changing her social media usernames and profile names every few months.  She does this to hide from investors and all the victims she has scammed.

She has even legally changed her name in Thailand many times, and even altered her Thai driving license ID with a fake date of birth – to lie to investors that she is older than she is.